I can't wait to read the rest! – Student

I love your fairytales; they are really excellent. – Teacher

Thanks so much for your delightful stories. – Researcher

I love it! I collect fairy tales and these are very special. – Fairytale Collector

Please let me know if they are available to buy – I would gladly get in line. – Reader

Your site is great from the point of view of a 7th grader who loves to read. – 7th Grader

I love them! I have two granddaughters (ages 3 & 4) that I hope to buy your book(s) for. – Grandparent

I'll be using “The Enchanted Tree” and “The Silent Castle” in class Monday – and loving every minute of them! – Teacher

Please notify me when this is published. They are wonderful and I'm reading them to my three daughters. – Mother

I love the female heroine fairytales because they add to the great collection in our growing library. – Elementary Teacher

I love your stories. They would work wonderfully with my small selection of books. Please let me know when you publish. – Shopkeeper

Your site is wonderful! I am a beginning storyteller in Massachusetts. I tell specifically for ages K-4 and your tales would be a welcome addition. – Storyteller

I tell fairytales at Role-Playing and SCA events. I love yours!! I love the strong feminine characters, and the morals, and just the style you use, everything! – Storyteller in military

I wrote to you years ago to tell you that I loved your stories. I just wanted to let you know how much your stories did for me. I have been influenced greatly in my own writing by your works. Thank you a thousand times over! – Teenager

Have just discovered your delightful stories!!! I would like to know when your books are published so that I can purchase them for our library. Thanks for such creativity! – Librarian in rural Appalachia

I am pleased to see quick notes on character traits demonstrated with your fairytales. Also I'd like to thank you for your classifying of your works by appropriate grade levels. That helps save a lot of time also! – Elementary Teacher

I read every single one of your stories posted. I think they're REALLY good. It’s nice to read about the princess being a hero and saving the prince, rather than the prince doing everything. When will the rest of your stories be posted? I can't wait! – Student

As I grew up, I would get very angry with … the idea of Prince Charming charging on a stallion rescuing a drooping hapless damsel in distress. Your stories have come as a refreshing change. – Reader from India

Hi, I just loved the story “Under The Glass Mountain”. My teacher read it to my class one day and I just had to find it! Our whole class is doing a unit on fairy tales and I thought that it was a great one to start it off with! – Student

THANK YOU for your site! I teach 5th grade and I use your site as part of my reading curriculum. Until I discovered it, the only choice I had for strong female characters was the book called The Paperbag Princess in our school library. – Teacher

Thank you so much for writing feminist fairy tales. What you've done is extremely important. I hope to see your stories on bookshelves everywhere one day. I read the first one and I'm in tears. Tears of joy that someone is creating stories like this. – Mother

It is incredible how rich my children's fantasy play has become since I've been telling them your stories. I hear them inventing new adventures, each kid taking the role of one of the various characters. My five year old wants to be a good wizard more than Batman now!! – Homeschooler

For two years she [my 12-year-old daughter] only used the computer to read your stories. She was very captivated by them. Again and again.... She is very engrossed by the two series by Tamora Pierce…. I found lots of other stuff that also looked good to me – sites and stories along the same lines as far as I could tell. She wouldn't be placated…. So we spent more time looking until finally – Ta Da! – there were your stories again. – Mother

My favorite stories are “The Enchanted Tree” and “The Bear Princess.” I like my fairy tales with a certain mix. They must have fantasy, a sense of richness, and adventure. These had just the right recipe and were mixed in the most perfect possible way. – Student [RL’s note: At age 12, this student wrote a very imaginative and polished letter, too long to quote in full. I think she will be an excellent fiction writer.]

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