Selected Bibliography

Most of the stories in this series combine source material and motifs from many public domain sources, and the same tale often occurs in folklore of several countries. Much of the material is original to me. Here are some sources I have consulted.

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Many thanks to the librarians at Pacifica and Guerneville, California, for finding the following stories in the wording of their original publications in the 1800s.

L’orca” in Usi e Costum: Abruzzesi, Fiabe descrite da Antonio de Nino, Volume Terzo (penciled “I”). Avezzano: Studio Bibliografico Adelmo Polla. Ristampo dell Edizione Barbera, 1883. The story is numbered XII and is on pages 65-69.

El granzio” in Bernoni, D. G. Fiabe popolari veneziane, pp. 58-64. Filippi Editore Venezia. No date on the printout, but the letter which prefaces the book is headed “Napoli, 21 Ottobre 1873”

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